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New “Buy American” Rules in the Offing?

The Trump Administration's international trade agenda just keeps chugging along. In April 2017, the “Buy American and Hire American” Executive Order directed the Commerce Department and Office of United States Trade Representative to “assess the impacts of all United States free trade agreements and the World Trade Organization Agreement on … Read More...

Back to the Future with Section 301

Ah, the 1980s: the decade of big hair, skinny ties*, Sony Walkman and Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974. While the first three are now the stuff of nostalgia (though I wouldn't mind seeing a Smiths reunions tour), Section  301 has made a dramatic return. The Trump Administration has just launched a new investigation covering “China’s Acts, … Read More...

NAFTA and China and Russia, Oh My

With the headlines dominated by news about North Korea, the special counsel’s investigation and Despacito as the summer’s hit song, it’s understandable to think that international trade issues have gone on the back burner. That’s not the case, however. In addition to its massive-in-scope national security investigations of steel and aluminum, the … Read More...

Update on Termination of Sanctions on Sudan

Among the Obama administration's final actions was issuance of Executive Order 13761 (Jan. 13, 2017) suspending most United States trade sanctions against Sudan. The EO asserted that the reasons for imposing the sanctions in 1997 had changed. In particular, the government of Sudan had reduced its in-country military activity and showed cooperation … Read More...

USTR Seeks Comments on Trade Agreements

The Trump Administration’s evaluation of international trade agreements is getting serious. In addition to the NAFTA renegotiations, discussed here, the Office of United States Trade Representative has solicited public comments on trade agreement violations and abuses. These comments will be considered as part of USTR’s “performance reviews of all … Read More...

National Security Investigations of Steel and Aluminum

Thinly-veiled protectionism or a bona-fide national security measure? Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962 may answer “yes” to both descriptions. After pretty much lying dormant for the better part of two decades, the statute is back with a vengeance. By now, I’m sure everyone’s heard about the Section 232 investigations on steel and … Read More...

NAFTA Renegotiations; Request for Public Comments

The Trump administration has announced its intention to “modernize” the North American Free Trade Agreement through negotiations with Mexico and Canada. As part of that effort, the Office of United States Trade Representative is seeking public comments and will hold a hearing. The scope is broad; USTR has solicited “comments on matters relevant to … Read More...

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